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Canadian Immigration Made Easy

We provide you assistance with immigration and legal services to make the process easy and smooth for you.

Move to Canada for Higher Studies

Move to Canada for Higher Studies

Get a chance to study in top-notch Canadian universities.

Move Your Family With You

Move Your Family With You

We can make the process of applying for a family sponsorship program stress-free and easy by helping you out through every stage of the process.

Looking to Apply for Citizenship in Canada?

Looking to Apply for Citizenship in Canada?

Our executives can help you with all the details to apply and follow up for a citizenship in Canada.

Proudly Serving The Community Since 2010

There are more than 80+ immigration ways to migrate to Canada - You may qualify in any one of these!

Immigration and Citizenship Services in Mississauga, Ontario

2355 Derry Road East,Unit # 44
Mississauga, Ontario
L5S 1V6

Aims Immigration is based in Mississauga, Ontario and offers immigration expertise and legal services to help clients achieve their dreams of visiting, studying, working, and living in Canada. We strive to set ourselves apart from the many Canadian immigration service providers available by building relationships with our clients and offering them professional and efficient service that extends beyond the application process.


Our goal is to make it easier to find and understand Government of Canada immigration information and services.


The consistency of our experienced professionals , from various specialized teams, in providing the best guidance and advice at all phases of the migration process makes us stand out from the other players in the industry.

Licenced Immigration Services in Mississauga

Our member, Aman Bajwa, is licenced by ICCRC to provide clients with advice, consultation, and representation concerning their application with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, matters before Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and appeal matters before all divisions of Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) i.e. Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), Immigration Division (ID), Refugee Protection Division (RPD), and Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). 


With vast immigration experience, our team strives to assist people who are looking for legal immigration information and gives them the best possible chance of success. Our team has been successfully representing clients in complex immigration applications and hearings.

Application For A Permanent Resident Card
Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Professional Help for Immigration Process in Ontario

Whether you are contemplating immigration or planning to immigrate to Canada, Aims Immigration is a professional immigration consultancy firm that will provide you with the needed information and advice to make the right decision and help you follow it through. Our international team will assist you wherever you are, either in person or by open communication, to make the whole process of immigration to Canada a pleasant experience.


Responsible for the future immigration dreams of our clients, we take our duty very seriously. Our immigration experts are properly trained in the latest customer service resolutions regarding visas to Canada and Canadian immigration policies. They are also trained to provide practical solutions to support the needs of our customers.

Super Visa Insurance

Are your parents or grandparents travelling to Canada to stay with you for a year or more? Protect your loved ones with Super Visa insurance policies. You can obtain quotes from and compare rates and coverages amongst multiple agencies. Click here to find out the best insurance coverage program for your needs today.

Real Estate Services

Need a reliable real estate agent in Canada to help you buy your dream home. Let Pardeep Bajwa at HomeLife Silvercity Realty Inc. Brokerage helps you. He understands the challenges of settling in a foreign land. With a unique approach to buying and selling, he ensures that you experience no hassle or risks in your real estate transactions. Get in touch to book a confidential consultation today.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with a professional pre-assessment and to work with you on a blueprint in obtaining a visa to Canada. We will regularly communicate with you and update you on the status of your profile as well as what is happening with your visa application once it is submitted to the Canadian government.

We offer the following immigration services :

Customer Reviews

Wonderful Service

“Wonderful service, my case was not easy but Aims team made it a success, really appreciate there hard work, highly recommend.”


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